A new factory for manufacturing Captagon has emerged in the southern countryside of Raqqa.

Activists and local residents have circulated reports about the detection of a new factory for producing Captagon and narcotics in the town of Jaideen, which is under the control of the Syrian regime south of the city of Raqqa. According to sources, the factory is located in the basements of the National Defense headquarters in the south of the town.

Sources managed to collect the names of officials involved in the production and trade of narcotics. The factory was built after one of the commanders of the Fourth Division, known as “Abu Saqr,” and “Qais Al-Ismaeel,” the commander of the National Defense in Raqqa, received orders from Brigadier General “Ghiath Dala,” the commander of the 42nd Brigade, directly supported by Iran, in coordination with the Secretary of the Ba’ath Party branch in Raqqa, “Abdul Aziz Issa.”

The factory was established with the aim of increasing the pressure of narcotics in the northeastern regions of Syria and smuggling them through non-conventional routes and methods into the areas of Tabqa, Raqqa, and Mansoura. This discovery marks an important step towards combating the drug trade and addressing smuggling in the region.