SDF arrest 16 Journalists in Syria’s Raqqa

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) detained at least 16 journalists in Raqqa on July 30.

Where the SDF forces have arrested media figures as part of a security campaign in Syria’s northeastern province.

According to our reporter, the SDF arrested several journalists working in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and in its media outlets in Raqqa under the pretext of “espionage, including Ruba Al-Ali, an employee at Hawar Agency, Ammar Al-Khalaf from the Euphrates Heritage Agency and formerly at Hawar, Ammar Haidar, who works at North Press and previously at Hawar, Khaled Al-Hassan in the education committee of the Raqqa Civil Council, and Batoul Al-Hassan in the youth media committee and the “Better Tomorrow” organization, in addition to Abdul Karim Al-Raheel, an employee of the Raqqa Civil Council.

The SDF kidnap the journalists from roads, markets, and public places, or they raid the headquarters of the media agencies and civil groups.