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    1. stefani
      May 20, 2015 - 6:21 pm

      Walter Veith spoke about the 3rd World War .. 20 years ago reading a Masonic document describing three wars since 1870 and the plan to create a world government and the domination by Satan worshipers of the world. Many speak of this plan: American private TV, government’s lider and people aware of the course of events.We must do what we have been told, when these events will begin with the constantly increasing destructions will not stop until the coming of the Lord.As Christians that fled from Jerusalem we have to seek refuge. Lord is coming.Have to prepare ourselves through prayer aware throught what we will pass.Prayer must lead to the action.
      Albert Pike’s WW1, WW2 & WW3 Israel – Palestine (Jesuit Controlled) – Walter Veith
      Albert Pike’s 3 World Wars
      Behind the throne of Earthly power – secret societies
      The King of the North – part 2
      United Nations – clearly exposd the hidden agenda behind the scenes
      Total Onslaught
      A woman rides the beast
      In chapter 11 of Revelation a beast arises out of the bottomless pit
      England crown and its vassals now belong to Rome and how an agenda of worldwide control
      is being foisted on Earth’s inhabitants.
      God’s laws and how it has become forbidden to practice God’s laws, to pray in Jesus’ name,
      A Day to be Remembered
      Millennium of prophecy – young Doug Bathelor

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