ISIS, financing and developing

Exclusive – Raqqa is being slaughtered silently

ISIS, as observers believe, one of the richest terrorist organizations in the world today, but the richest in the history of terrorist movements, especially after the control of the Iraqi city AL Mosul.

Although there are no official statistics or specific data for what the organization has of financial amounts and sources of funding, but the views are talking about a mixture of regional and international funds, as well as self-financing sources the organization provided it by him

ISIS was able to develop the sources of the regional funds and adding to it his resources of taxes and royalties imposed by his control in areas of Iraq and Syria, as well as proceeds from the sale of oil operations in those areas

It all comes down, in light of the repeated regional states violations, that help to finance ISIS directly at the beginning of its establishment, to support it against Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and although there are no official records to prove it, but the Gulf figures wealthy involved in it, while regional countries helped fund the organization in its war on behalf of against ethnic groups in northern Syria, that the magic turned, when the leader of the organization declared alleged successor, which became threaten to all parties behind its creation, as well as indirect financing, which was dominated by the organization, after shall seize aids were given to programs of armament for the Syrian opposition moderate.

The control of ISIS on oil wells in Syria and Iraq, a major role in financing, after he deliberately to sell the bulk of it to neighboring countries and other parties in the Syrian conflict, including the Assad regime, which provides the lines to import oil from the wells controlled by ISIS, and protects the line that links oil to the OTS in Banias, that subordinate by the regime.

And ISIS controls, according to analysts, two-thirds of Syrian oil, which is estimated at 400 thousand barrels per day, as is the tax imposed by ISIS on civilians in the under control areas in the name of “zakat”, one of the sources of local financing, fees for water and electricity, services, phone, etc. and what imposed on that agricultural seasons of royalties, in addition to the confiscation of a large number of private property of the people, under the pretext of traveling or being caught in the “apostasy”.

Also, the organization is a subsidiary depends on the booties, which is fixed sources, as well as property which they sell them under the pretext of ” apostasy of their owners”, such as those seized from villages Alsaitat in Deir al-Zour, under the pretext of fighting the people of ISIS, as well as traffic violations and legitimacy that ISIS turned it to the door of the material gain, with an estimated less traffic violations is about thousand Syrian pounds, while violation of legitimate dress for Women is about by about three thousand Syrian pounds.

media activist from the city of Raqqa, student at the Faculty of Law at the University of the Euphrates. Director of the Media Office of Raqqa, founding member of "Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently", founding member of the documentary project of "Sound and Picture". I work in documenting violations committed by Assad's regime and ISIS group and extremist organizations inside the city of Raqqa, as I work in programming, design and visual media. I hold a certificate of coach in digital security, and a certificate of journalist coach, and a certificate in documenting violations against human rights, and a certificate in electronic advocacy. I underwent a training under the supervision of "Cyber-Arabs" in collaboration with the Institute for War and Peace "IWPR", about the management of electronic websites and leadership of advocacy campaigns, and a training of press photography under the supervision of the photojournalist "Peter Hove Olesen".