This could be the moment north-east jihadi was killed in Syria

The scene where Abdul Rakib Amin is believed to have been killed
The scene where Abdul Rakib Amin is believed to have been killed

An anti-terror group has released a chilling image of the moment they believe three young jihadis were killed in a drone strike ordered by the UK Government.

Taken near Qadisiyah roundabout in the Isis stronghold of Raqqa, Syria, the haunting picture shows thick smoke erupting into the sky.

It is understood the black smog came from the car that was carrying Abdul Rakib Amin – from Aberdeen – and two other British Islamic State members, who were the target of the RAF drone.

The photograph was released by anti-Isis group ‘Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently’ on August 21 – the same day David Cameron revealed that the trio had been killed.

Amin, 26, was named as one of the victims, alongside fellow Brits, Reyaad Khan and Junaid Hussain.

The Prime Minister said the attack was an “act of self-defence” as Khan and Hussain, 21, had been plotting invasions on commemorative events in the UK.

He said: “I can inform the House that in an act of self-defence and after meticulous planning, Reyaad Khan was killed in a precision air strike carried out on August 21 by an RAF remotely piloted aircraft while he was travelling in a vehicle in the area of Raqqah in Syria.

“In addition to Reyaad Khan, who was the target of the strike, two ISIL associates were also killed, one of whom – Ruhul Amin, has been identified as a UK national.

“They were ISIL fighters and I can confirm there were no civilian casualties.

“We took this action because there was no alternative.”

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