In Tabaqa City, Patrols of Military Police Pursue Foreign Fighters


Tabaqa city witnessed yesterday evening heavy spread of security checkpoints of ISIS group, these checkpoints have concentrated in particular in 1st neighborhood of the city, where the military police patrols which set up newly by the group began to stop foreign fighters in particular, and asked about the papers of tasks assigned to them and their permissions to leave, in what appeared as an attempt to search for members who fled the group or retarded from doing their assigned duties.

Yasser, a resident of the neighborhood has mentioned to a reporter from “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” that patrols have spread in a late time of last night, accompanied by cars loaded with heavy weapons, and began to turn off all ISIS cars and even fighters who were walking on their feet, without knowing the real reasons behind this crackdown.

He also said, one of these patrols has stopped a car carrying group of foreign fighters who do not speak Arabic, they tried to arrest one of this group after an altercation with them, and it developed into a fistfight because of the resistance and refusal to let them arrest their colleague.

He also pointed that it is not the first time in which disputes have appeared between ISIS members, where previously a group of its Uzbek fighters stormed headquarters and houses which inhabited by fighters mostly from Arab nationalities, the attack led to an armed clash between two sides, and killing of two fighters of the attacking group.

media activist from the city of Raqqa, student at the Faculty of Law at the University of the Euphrates. Director of the Media Office of Raqqa, founding member of "Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently", founding member of the documentary project of "Sound and Picture". I work in documenting violations committed by Assad's regime and ISIS group and extremist organizations inside the city of Raqqa, as I work in programming, design and visual media. I hold a certificate of coach in digital security, and a certificate of journalist coach, and a certificate in documenting violations against human rights, and a certificate in electronic advocacy. I underwent a training under the supervision of "Cyber-Arabs" in collaboration with the Institute for War and Peace "IWPR", about the management of electronic websites and leadership of advocacy campaigns, and a training of press photography under the supervision of the photojournalist "Peter Hove Olesen".