ISIS fights civilians in bread and raises its price


Photo in front of a bakery in Raqqa
Photo in front of a bakery in Raqqa

Exclusive – Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently

ISIS militant group raised the price of a loaf of bread recently up to 12.5 SP, registering an unprecedented price in Raqqa, the price of loaf of bread that was 4 SP before the control of the group on Raqqa, and then raised to 6.25 SP, where people buy certain weight of bread from the bakery, which has a list price of 300 SP and contain 24 loaf of bread.

Bread is the basic material of the foodstuff for the people of the province, the province’s consumption of flour nearly 520 tons of flour a day, the city consumes only about 270 tons of flour a day, the province contains 49 bakeries distributed over the entire province, but after the control of the group and the scarcity of flour, the flour consumption dropped to 120 tons per day, and the number of working bakeries dropped to 31 so far, and with a capacity less than the previous, the group has brought 2 bakeries from the countryside of Aleppo, but it hasn’t been processed and operated until the current period.

The reasons of the lack of flour is :

1. Public mills operates less productive card for technical reasons.
2. Private mills, which was dominated by the group in way or another, where its product of flour are being transported to Iraq.

Rural population were forcing to rely on handmade bread for the high price of bread, which has become outside their material ability, in addition to the cost of transportation from villages to towns or cities.

It is noteworthy that since the control of the group on the city, the price of loaf of bread has risen to approximately 8 SP, and then to 10 SP and later to 11 SP, the recent increase has come to overburden civilians, because this price is considered high compared to the limited income for many families that are already suffering from poverty. 

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