SDF loot and destroy Big Sweidiyeh (with photos)

Abdalaziz Alhamza “RBSS”


The Syrian Democratic Forces, supported by the International Coalition, have been controlling Big Sweidiyeh for nearly three months, since that, SDF banned the village’s people from coming back to their houses and began looting their properties. The village has a population of 15 thousand.

After looting the houses and shops the militias destroy some houses, some houses have been already destroyed by the excessive firepower by the International Coalition air forces during the battle between ISIS and SDF.

Abd, a man from Big Sweidiyeh, told RBSS:” I am from one of the villages that are slaughtered silently, SDF have displaced the people of my village and banned us from coming back to our houses, this is all why? This is only because we lived under ISIS rule?” It is known that SDF carry out systematic sabotage and looting actions in all the areas they control.

Abd added:” Why do they demolish and burn the houses? Why do they burn the trees? Are these trees ISIS supporters? Or this is only a systematic policy to take vengeance from Arabs? It is not Sweidiyeh issue, it is the issue of all the villages in Tabqa countryside. What if this was made by ISIS? The whole world will be talking about it.”

RBSS team managed to document some of these violations in Big Sweidiyeh:

• Destruction and burning of all the houses of the village, pictures are for (Hamiesh house, Ahmed Alhawash house, Jasem Alnayef’s house and his son Nayef Aljasem)

• Destroying a repair shop own by Omar Hassan

• Uprooting olive trees for both (Ghazi Darwish “500 trees”, Ahmed Alhawash)

• Looting Hamidi Alhammoud dental clinic.

• Arresting tens of the villages people, including (Ahmed Omer, Abdullah Alkhalif) The village’s people and the people of other villages are very much concerned regarding the detainees and their safety.

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