Battle of Mosul


The battle of Mosul is just like a football match in the primer league, each team have prepared very well in order to achieve their own goals in the field.
The terrorist group and since two hears has prepared very well and secured Mosul, which is the group’s stronghold in Iraq, with several defense lines; tunnels and earth mounds and prepared oil tanks in order to burn them to create a no fly zone over the city if needed.

On the other hand, eight different parties are preparing to enter Mosul battle; anti-terrorism forces, the Iraqi Army, the police, the international coalition, the Peshmerga, the Shiite mobilization, Iranian troops and Turkish troops.
From a humanitarian view and according to the UN, the battle could displace 1.2 million civilians. Now, 213 thousand people from Mosul, Fallujah and Qaiara in refugee camps northern Iraq. It is expected that 200 thousand civilians will be displaced during the first stage of the battle. This is way the UN has expanded the refugee camps along with establishing several more camps in Northern Iraq.
In the first stage of expulsion ISIS out of Mosul, there has been displacing process towards Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. On the other hand, the number of patrols and checkpoints in Raqqa has been reduced recently. RBSS sources confirmed that the terrorist group has moved its troops from the eastern countryside of Aleppo towards Mosul.
Mosul, where Abu Bakr Al Bagdadi made his first appear, is not secured very well. This battle is very important for the US but the number of the involved troops in the battle and the large number of civilians will not be by the attackers’ side.

What comes after this battle is no less important, the situation in Iraq is based on sectarian quotas and we cannot forget the missing of the Arab Sunnis in the view. If the US managed to liberate Mosul this would be a great victory for it, but would this victory be the end of the Iranian expanding in the region?
In the light of the news of preparing for Raqqa battle, will the United States depends on several parties? Will the Syrian regime one of them?
All news sites indicate that ISIS fighters have fled Mosul towards Raqqa, which means gathering more and more fighters in Raqqa and making the battle of Raqqa a lot harder especially that the US is depending totally on the Kurdish troops which are not welcomed by the civilians in Raqqa.

media activist from the city of Raqqa, student at the Faculty of Law at the University of the Euphrates. Director of the Media Office of Raqqa, founding member of "Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently", founding member of the documentary project of "Sound and Picture". I work in documenting violations committed by Assad's regime and ISIS group and extremist organizations inside the city of Raqqa, as I work in programming, design and visual media. I hold a certificate of coach in digital security, and a certificate of journalist coach, and a certificate in documenting violations against human rights, and a certificate in electronic advocacy. I underwent a training under the supervision of "Cyber-Arabs" in collaboration with the Institute for War and Peace "IWPR", about the management of electronic websites and leadership of advocacy campaigns, and a training of press photography under the supervision of the photojournalist "Peter Hove Olesen".