Raqqa Battle and Claims of Liberation

Raqqa Battle and Claims of Liberation
Exclusive -Abdalaziz Alhamza ” RBSS”
Syrian revolution did not only reveal the world’s moral decline and the fake claim of human values such as human rights, right of self-determination and democracy, but it also revealed that slogans of neutrality, professionalism and objectivity (which international media hide behind) are all faked.
It is no longer surprising that international news agencies such as Reuters, AFP and BBC misrepresent the news related to the Syrian situation. In fact, journalists of those agencies in their regional offices started to present news according to their political orientation which stands beside Assad regime, and they often tried to clean up regime’s image.
As to the preparation for Raqqa Battle, different analyzes and views occurred about its schedule and whether US is serious in this regard or not. Agence France-Presse made its own contribution and published its report on Wednesday 25/5/2016 under the title (Raqqa, From Abbasid prospering to the third liberation). This report, of course, belongs to the state of media deception, which is used by media agencies to provide news about the Syrian situation.
With a simple read to this report, any simple observer for the Syrian case will find critical errors made by the authors who have not bothered themselves to research and investigate for the most basic information during the preparation of the article. For example “In the beginning, Free Syrian Army fighters didn’t have enough weapons so they cooperate with the jihadists who were well armed, FSA decided then to stop cooperating with jihadists because of their extremism and arbitrary arrest“. Of course, this claim could be refuted easily and does not require a lot of effort, people of Raqqa protested repeatedly against Al-Nusra Front and Ahrar Al-Sham practices early, and you can return to YouTube and watch these demonstrations, including, for example:” Stop your deception, Al-Nusra, go to Assad Palace” and a lot more others.
As to fighting against ISIS, first battle against ISIS was in Raqqa, Ahfad Al-Rasul troops faced ISIS and in the end ISIS bombed the train station. Later, all troops entered a battle against ISIS but ISIS won and controlled the city. All of this happened and the world –which is fighting terrorism today- stood aside.
Another example for lack of professionalism in AFP, authors of this report made mistakes even in the population of Raqqa which can be easily obtained from “Wikipedia”. The report mentions that the population of Raqqa is 220 thousands, added to them 80 thousands. Statistics in 2010 indicate that the population of Raqqa is 350 thousands, with expectations that the total population of the province is near 1.059 million people in 2012, according to Central Bureau of Statistics in Syria. This shows the amount of errors and inaccuracies made by authors.
Back to “liberation” which US intend to do along with their allies represented by Syrian Democratic Forces which are a compilation of small factions and The People’s Protection Units, YPG (the Syrian military wing for PKK which is ranked as a terrorist group by US). Liberation of Tal Abyad and fake assurances that the area – which has a majority of Arabs – will be controlled by local opposition factions gave a negative impression towards any military action in which YPG is a part.
These units have been accused of violations, according to Amnesty International’s report issued on 13 / October 2015. This report accused People’s Protection Units of committing displacement operations, we quote:” By deliberately demolishing civilian homes, in some cases razing and burning entire villages, displacing their inhabitants with no justifiable military grounds, the Autonomous Administration is abusing its authority and brazenly flouting international humanitarian law, in attacks that amount to war crimes. In its fight against IS, the Autonomous Administration appears to be trampling all over the rights of civilians who are caught in the middle. We saw extensive displacement and destruction that did not occur as a result of fighting. This report uncovers clear evidence of a deliberate, co-ordinated campaign of collective punishment of civilians in villages previously captured by IS”
Not only that, the Telegraph published an article on the eighteenth of this month entitled (Syrian Kurds accused of ethnic cleansing and killing opponents). The article offers testimony of former US Ambassador in Damascus Robert Ford before Congressional hearing committee in the US Senate that this group (People’s Protection Units, YPG) is pushing people to the arms of the “ISIS” as described by Ford. He added that refugees fleeing Islamic State do not go to areas under the control of Kurdish forces.
In addition to all of the above, a battle is taking place in Iraq to regain Fallujah from ISIS. Aws al-Khafaji (the commander of Abu al Fadl al Abbas brigade, which is a part of Popular Mobilization Forces) said to his fighters:” There are no civilians in Fallujah, there is a tumor should be removed from Iraq, those are infidels and must be exterminated”. Extremist Shiite militias launched missiles with sectarian slogans such as (Nimr) referring to Shiite Sheikh “Nimr Al Nimr” who was executed by Saudi Arabia earlier.
All these incidents confirm that the United States allies in its war against ISIS are either hateful sectarian groups (Popular Mobilization Forces) or fanatical nationalist militias (People’s Protection Units). If this is the case, the liberation will only turn the situation from worst to bad, because actions of these allies do not lead to the freedom US is talking about, but they confirm ISIS claims that (liberators) will kill and displace the people. Describing civilians of Raqqa as incubators of terror and threatening them with punishment will increase the number of recruits in ISIS.

media activist from the city of Raqqa, student at the Faculty of Law at the University of the Euphrates. Director of the Media Office of Raqqa, founding member of "Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently", founding member of the documentary project of "Sound and Picture". I work in documenting violations committed by Assad's regime and ISIS group and extremist organizations inside the city of Raqqa, as I work in programming, design and visual media. I hold a certificate of coach in digital security, and a certificate of journalist coach, and a certificate in documenting violations against human rights, and a certificate in electronic advocacy. I underwent a training under the supervision of "Cyber-Arabs" in collaboration with the Institute for War and Peace "IWPR", about the management of electronic websites and leadership of advocacy campaigns, and a training of press photography under the supervision of the photojournalist "Peter Hove Olesen".

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  1. May 30, 2016 - 3:46 am

    So let you tell me the truth. In EU-Russia and USA, the elite, especially the religious ones (Catholic oriented and submitted) are tired to support freedom of speech etc., and need of a trick to make the lancets of the clock go back in the Middle Age, where the Christians refusing to bow down to the pope were putted at the stake. Remember: in Europe the Christians were wiped away NOT by Muslims, but by the power of the Catholic Inquisition.
    Once the Wall of Berlin fell, no one perceived that it fell just on the freedoms in the Western world. No it is the turn of the Western world to suppress freedom of speech. This is the reason why they spread consent and sympathy to Putin’s Russia, Iran, Assad. Because the same secular elite, backed by the Vatican, wish to introduce in the Western world the same methods of Putin, Assad, Iran etc.
    The European elites apparently blames Putin, secretly they love him. Apparently declare sanctions against him, but (not so) secretly they back the propaganda in internet for him, which is almost totally anti-USA and pro-Putin propaganda. They knows that if they decree a dictatorship no one will follow them and they’ll get a riot. But if before to decree the tyranny they train the people to LOVE the tyranny, they’ll have an easy job.
    This is also the reason why I am targeted in my daily life in Italy, city of Trieste, to a constant, under the radar, mobbing/harrassment, on my dealings in internet, to my working life, a treatment which smells to be availed by the highest Italian institutions.
    Surprised? Really no reason to be!! Matteo Renzi’s government of course always approved the international politic most favorable to the Kremlin (to Iran & Assad). Silvio Berlusconi is one of the greatest buddies of Putin (the man of FSB, the service which allegedly trained Al Zawahiri); the opposition parties are all warm Iran & Russia supporters: Movimento 5 Stelle of Beppe Grillo, he is even married to a loyal-to-regime Iranian wife. Lega Nord party, anti-Islamic and secessionist party of North Italy, is headed by Matteo Salvini who loves to be pictured with Russioan Czarist flags in hands. In few words: the Italian parliament is already a Russian Duma. Italy therefore is already an Assad/Putin sort of dictatorship.
    You will be surprised to see this comment here, but it is because I am living in a dictatorial state. If I write this here is because I have no more hope in Italy and my city. I know very well, Christians in Europe were mass-murdered NOT by Muslims, but by the axle and stakes of the Catholic Inquisition, which today putted on all this bloody history the face of pope Francis.

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