Five Raids On Raqqa City, And A Death Of A Whole Family In Al-Hamrat

Five Raids On Raqqa City, And A Death Of A Whole Family In Al-Hamrat
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Warplanes launched four raids today morning on Al-Hamrat eastern Raqqa leading to the death of Abdul Hadi Hassan family and destruction of several houses in the area.
Also warplanes launched another five raids targeted Municipal Stadium in the middle of Raqqa city. ISIS patrols blocked all the streets near the place.
RBSS reporter indicated that warplanes and drones flew over Raqqa city for more than half an hour before and after the raids, during that ISIS used anti air crafts.
RBSS reporters in both eastern and western suburbs of Raqqa reported that warplanes flew over both regions. It was the same in Tal Abyad, warplanes and drones also flew over the town, which is controlled by YPG.
Raqqa city is targeted by regime warplanes, Russian warplanes and the International coalition warplanes leading to several massacres. Raids caused great damage in the city’s infrastructure and widespread destruction in residential buildings.

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