On the first day of the truce ISIS attacking the City of Tel Abyad

Yesterday Friday witnessed an infiltration of a group of ISIS members, to the border town of Tel Abyad which is under the control of the People’s Protection Units YPG, the city has witnessed violent clashes because of the targeting of the infiltrating group, to the financial building, which is one of the main headquarters of the Asayish forces by bombing car, to accommodate later that the patch of the clashes to include Almenbtah village west of Tal Abyad 2 km, near the Syrian-Turkish border, ISIS members also targeted the water tanks in the village of Algazle southeast of Ein Issa with bombing cars, as witnessed the city of Tel Abyad number of violent explosions, followed by a barricaded of number of ISIS members inside the city hall of Ein Alarous south of Tel Abyad, followed by the sounds of violent clashes in the southern part of the city of Tel Abyad continued until the moment.

For its part, the People’s protection Units YPG, demand the people of of Ein Alarous city, to evacuate the entire city, and large displacement of the people towards Aljthlh village. There were also overhead intensive warplanes of the international coalition forces, carried out a numbers of air raids.

The then People’s protection Units YPG, recruited a combination of military reinforcements to the east of the Highway, and bombed of the areas east and west of Ein Issa with heavy weapons, imposing a siege on the cultural center in the west of the Aleskan bakery in the city of Tel Abyad where holed the members of ISIS..

The clashes and the concomitant bombing of the coalition forces resulted a case of panic among the inhabitants of the region, and caused the deaths of many civilians, known of them:

1- Hamad Faour Alabbo family, consisting of six people, were killed on the cross road of Ein Alarous city, as a result of their injury to their home by a plane missile.
2- The civilian Khalil Anizan, in his house along with the cultural center, after being fired by the international collation aviation.
3- The young man Hamad Al Hamad son of Juma’a, 26 years old, and the loss of his brother in the city of Ein Alarous, as a result of the bombing of international collation.
4- Targeting the house of Alkhalout family in the city of Ein Alarous by the war aviation.
5- Targeting the house of Ahmed Mahmoud Althahir, by warhead missile, led to the destroying of the entire house.
6- Civilian girl, from the family of Abdul Latif Alkharikh, in front of her hous near the transfer station, shot by sniper of the YPG forces stationed on the tank.

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