ISIS warns the people in the villages for fear of the rising water levels of the Euphrates River

Exclusive – RBSS

Informed the organization “Daash” during the past few days, a number of villages along the river on the east of the Euphrates Dam to evacuate their villages for fear of sinking, being intended to open the Euphrates Dam turbines significantly to relieve pressure that may result from any defect for Tishreen Dam.

The reasons:

The democracy forces of Syria that consisting of Arab factions and most of the YPG units were able to control of the Tishreen Dam on the Euphrates River in the Syrian territory and to cross into the West Bank Dam, to include control of the vicinity of the bridge and a number of villages, farms and cottages on its other bank.

Against the backdrop of these battles, Engineers and Supervisors to the dam had fled and because of the that the technical staff in charge of the dam had stopped working, which has led to a significant rise in water levels behind the dam of Jarablus, also resulted in this increase for the flood of several villages located on the lake of Tishreen Dam and near, including Alkoba, Aldjadh, Kerkoezak, Alhoushrah, Sahl Alkuendk, Tel Ahmar farms, and hundreds of hectares, as well as the displacement of hundreds of families, in the middle of fear of the increase of the number of affected villages to nearly 470.
And the militias of democracy forces of Syria prevent cadres and technical of the dam to return to work to remedy any potential defect and relieve pressure on the dam, says the engineers of the union Liberal engineers, that if did not run turbines and discharge electricity by one of technician of the operating room to drain the excess water, it can go to others steps, including work on the open side and bottom openings in the dam, which opens mechanically and electrically, pointing out that in case of the absence the previous two steps, there spillway opening in the body of the dam that opens automatically when it access the pressure to a certain extent and this is the last solution, warning of the slot spillway explosion which may It leads to destruction in the courtyard of the conversion and thus no fear of the collapse of a construction of the dam.

The source added, the presence of technical staff from the dam in the region, that following the matter and trying to intervene when it arises the opportunity to enter the dam and open the spillways for drainage, as there was communication with the Turks to stop the flow of water as a temporary solution, as there was news said that the risk of water immersion reached to the far east of Raqqa in the vicinity of villages and Ma’dan Rtalh and Sabkha, where the member of the organization aired rumors that the destruction would befall the dam, prompting the majority of families to prepare for the exodus to the high lands for fear of this possibility.

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