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The Separatists Traitors

Abdalaziz Alhamza “RBSS”

The Kurdish militias have committed serious violations against Arabs and Kurds in Al Jazeera. Syria. Their violations have a raciest character especially against Arabs and they are known as the separatists’ forces who want to create a Kurdish Canton in Al Jazeera, north and north east Syria.

In February 2014, the Kurdish militias committed their most awful violations in Tal Barak, Hasakah where they executed tens of Arab civilians most of them women and children and destroyed more than 80 houses in several other villages. Another massacre happened in Tal Hamis, Hasakah countryside where they killed forty civilians. Human Rights Watch indicated that the Kurdish militias in Northern Syria are committing several violations and reported several cases of executions.
The Kurdish militias’ desire of separation is very clear, their violations are focused on Arabs and they are supported by international parties, US and Russia.

However, and despite all reports about their violations, the Kurdish militias are still committing or participating in violations and massacres against the Syrian civilians. When talking about Aleppo and the real bad situation there, we cannot overlook the Kurdish role in all that, they allied with the Russians and Shiite militias against the civilians in Aleppo and against the FSA. Here is their major betrayal, because ISIS is not located in Aleppo and they claim that they fight ISIS only. This was all just to get the support to create their Kurdish canton.

This betrayal and their violation against the Syrian civilians are not limited on the field side but also political and media announcements to participate in (Aleppo’s fall). Saleh Muslim, head of the Democratic union, declared that the victory of the Syrian army is only a matter of time.

Along with their violations against Arabs, the Kurdish militias are persecuting the Kurds as well, they are arresting Kurd activists and journals. A few days ago, they attacked a demo in Qamishli against their violations in the city which brings to mind the regime security forces behavior but the different is that they are claiming to be democratic!