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The Terror-Creator Choice


The western hostile of Muslims is no longer a secret, both left and right movements now share this. Leaders of the right radical in America and Europe use every event to express their hate toward Muslims.
Now Tramp reaches the white House and before him there were several anti-Islam politicians and parties reaches high levels in the political life in west European countries.

We cannot blame Tramp today for his hostility to Muslims; he is man who has been elected by more than half of the American people because the fear the terror coming to their country, according to their media, they fear the videos produce by ISIS.
In our countries, there are thousands and thousands like Tramp and Marine Le pan, such as the Shiite forces in Iraq, the terrorist group ISIS and more and more.

But what is unknown for westerners in general and Americans in particular is that the left radicals are not going to protect them and their countries from the reactions; terrorism in all its forms brings another terror in the opposite direction.
Trump’s statements and promises would not serve anyone but those who calls for the death of America whether it is ISIS or the Shiite forces supported by Iran which will appear as the defenders of Islam. It seems today that nobody enjoyed the success of Tramp and Le Pan in the elections more than these radical terrorist groups. They are now waiting the French local elections hoping the winner will be the right-wing National Front party which will help ISIS in recruiting more and more people because of their raciest practices.