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Raqqa, between two terrors

Abdalaziz Alhamza “RBSS”

It is not a field survey and not a UN concern; it is a reality people of the northern suburbs of Raqqa started displacing after the declaration of (Euphrates Anger) led by Syrian Democratic Forces which is basically formed by the YPG forces and supported by the International Coalition air forces.

Villages in northern Raqqa are falling under YPG control; the first village was Al Hesheh, in which the international coalition committed a massacre, 25 innocent civilians were killed. After that, people of Khnez fled their houses because they fear to face the same destiny of Al Hesheh, and they are now left alone to face the cold winter especially with the complete shutdown of the Turkish borders, not to mention Tel Abyad where the Kurdish forces banned Arabs from entering it unless they have a Kurdish sponsor.

On the other hand, people of Raqqa city are waiting for their destiny. According to an earlier opinion poll conducted by RBSS in Raqqa, people of Raqqa do not want to test what is already tested in other locations and they fear of what is coming, what if the Kurdish forces took their city? The Kurdish forces are known for their displacing of Arab and Turkmen civilians, what is going to happen for their city? They do not know anything especially because ISIS banned TVs and internet cafes; people of Raqqa now face an internal siege imposed by the terrorist group when they banned civilians from leaving the city to use them as human shields. Mosques and Hosba patrols are calling for jihad.

The international community is launching a military campaign to eliminate the terrorist group ISIS, but who is coming after? A no less terrorists! You cannot replace a terror with a no less terror.
Would Raqqa people face the same destiny of the Arab villages in northern countryside of Raqqa?