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Illusion Offerings

Abdalaziz Alhamza “RBSS”

ISIS fighters never miss any opportunity to show the whole world how brutal and cruel they are.
Every time you say that this is the most brutal way of torturing and killing, they shock you with a more brutal way.
ISIS new clip (Illusion Industry) showed ISIS fighters slaughtering several young guys from Deir Ez-zor, one of ISIS fighters has wear a white coat in order to look like a butcher and then he hanged the victims upside down and slaughtered them as if they were Eid offerings.

This was not the first brutal event and would not be the last, every now and then the terrorist group produces a new brutal barbaric clip that reflects the sick mentality they have.
The terrorist group and only in two years, managed to produce hundreds and hundreds of brutal clips, in which most of the victims were Sunnis (whether they were civilians or soldiers) who were killed in many different brutal ways such as: burning, sinking and bombing.

Actually, all of these killing methods are invented previously by the international intelligence that used ISIS and its savage fighters as there brutal wings.
Iranian wing as the group killed and displaced Sunnis, an American wing when the terrorist group created the opportunity for the radical Kurds to establish their state and the most important role, ISIS has played, is being the assassin of the Syrian revolution.

The terrorist group has killed lots of FSA fighters and leaders along with killing and arresting lots and lots of media and community activists. ISIS has played its main role, being Assad representative in the freed territories, perfectly. Now, they are killing and arresting and the charge is giving the International Coalition coordinates which its planes do not act like they have anything.