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ISIS, trying to separate the city of Raqqa from the world

Exclusive – Raqqa is being slaughtered silently

ISIS announced last Wednesday, the deadline for the closure of all Internet cafes within the city of Raqqa and its countryside, in a move to separate the civilians from international movements taking place in the Syrian arena, and in order to cut ways of connection for its members with the other factions.

Last October, has witnessed the defection of a group of princes of ISIS and joining the other factions, and it was the last of them, “Abu al-Walid the Tunisian”, the National Hospital in Raqqa prince, who announced in a video defecting from ISIS, and joining the “Front of originality and Development “calling on the rest of the members of ISIS of immigrants, to the leave, speaking about the corruption of his approach.

In the same vein, local sources addressed, news about the desire of ISIS, open Internet cafes in specific places of the city, to be under its control, and prevents the transmission of wireless networks.

On the other hand, the reflection of that move for ISIS was negative impact on expatriates and displaced sons of Raqqa, due to the interruption of ways to communicate with their families, under heavy aerial bombardment of French and Russian aviation, and the other international coalition aviation, on various parts of the city and its countryside.

Abo Alaa a civilian from Raqqa commented to RBSS: “the Russian aviation, carried out jointly with the French aviation recently, fierce attack, targeted sites and neighborhoods within the city, contains some of them civilians. As a result of ISIS cut means of communication and close Internet cafes, they no longer can reassure their children in other areas or countries, in light of the closure of ISIS , all roads out of the control areas, and the near of the free army forces and Kurdish militias from the northern side of the city. “