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ISIS put signatures notebook at the mosques

Exclusive –  Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently

ISIS puplished a decree for Raqqa’s mosques and its countryside says that the prayers must sign on the notebook after ALEsha’a pray and ALdohr Pray daily with the letter ( A) as attended and then the Imam “ leader of the prayers at the mosque” appointed by ISIS will be in charge for that notebook . ISIS started working with the decree in Raqqa city and Tabaqa city in the west of Raqqa where the Imam write down the names of the neighborhood people who are close to the mosque , the scanning will continue to cover all the city and its country side , one of the citizens in Raqqa says , preferred not to be identified : after three days I had a number , then I started to give it to the Imam and then he writes next to my name the letter (A) at the notebook , I can’t absent any more because that according to ISIS members will put me under accountability and more question about my absent A citizen from Raqqa says : the Imam of the mosque went to all the houses at the neighborhood and wrote down all the names of the males even the children starting from the age 12 and told them that they are demand to go the mosque to confirm their attendance for the pray , the people generally are afraid from that step of ISIS , Where many people avoid going to mosques for not mixing with ISIS members , also the number of the ordinary prayers was decreased to the half , because ISIS gives many lectures and speeches after the pray about atoning people and let them listen to words they do not want to hear Also the enrollment calls is at the mosque, where ISIS worked on implicate a lot of youth through enthusiastic speeches and then move them to battles front during the fight of ISIS against the YPG at Slook city north of Raqqa